Monday, May 28, 2012

*beep beep* News Update *beep beep*


I have been going over all the orders that have been received and due to a system crash (i.e my own stupid mistake) I lost the list of names to match with orders, which also shows me whats shipped and not shipped yet. I need anyone that has orders a set and has not received it yet, please email me direct at: ThreeStageStudios at gmail dot com. I need your full name, address the order is going to and the exact contents of the orders.

I plan to have the system restored but before I start that process, I just wanted to get the readers here, if any that are still waiting to contact me so I can get the orders shipped first thing Tuesday. Today is Memorial day, so no mailings.

On a good note, the 8 inch tall, multi part robot kit is nearing final production as well as a number of other items. Be prepared to surprised!

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