Sunday, July 22, 2012

Candy store selection? Why choose if you get it all?!?!

Quick update here before I head off to work after a long night of designing some nice future kits as well as packing, packing and more packing for today and tomorrows shipping after work each day.

The main update is the sold out TS7-B robot. It does not look like it will be making a come back unless it gets some serious design changes by the designer. Needless to say it was brought to my attention the use of certain bits, that while I didn't notice, others were upset over. As such, when it sold out, and quickly I might add, I did not order anymore.

The set itself was going to have choice of helmet and shoulder pads. Because of the short time frame of sale, everyone who ordered one, gets all the options included. I'm also was able to toss in a small extra into some of the random orders.

There will be more updates later tonight on future projects, new designers and even more!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Branching out, shipping orders and bringing new Designers onto the Team!!

I need to make this short as I'm on the train home from work.

TSS has been working hard to get caught up on all orders that were set back due to super high demand, a run out of resin due to it with a10 day wait between getting more and the death of my mother right after.

Daniel -TSS

Monday, May 28, 2012

*beep beep* News Update *beep beep*


I have been going over all the orders that have been received and due to a system crash (i.e my own stupid mistake) I lost the list of names to match with orders, which also shows me whats shipped and not shipped yet. I need anyone that has orders a set and has not received it yet, please email me direct at: ThreeStageStudios at gmail dot com. I need your full name, address the order is going to and the exact contents of the orders.

I plan to have the system restored but before I start that process, I just wanted to get the readers here, if any that are still waiting to contact me so I can get the orders shipped first thing Tuesday. Today is Memorial day, so no mailings.

On a good note, the 8 inch tall, multi part robot kit is nearing final production as well as a number of other items. Be prepared to surprised!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another update! Completed casting 35 sets last night!

As some of you may be aware my mother passed away a little over a week ago. During that time i hardly slept, spent what little free time I had taking care of the memorial arrangements and also still having to go to my regular day job. I took the time on mothers day and yesterday to get back to casting and get caught up on all current orders as it seemed better then mopping around.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so here goes.

Thats right, 35 complete 5 man true scale sets. I will spend the next hour or so cleaning them up, removing the resin plugs and other parts associated with the casting process.

After cleaning, they are always shipped like this:

Now to the annoying news. The system still is not updating shipped orders properly. For now, until I can get it sorted out, you need to email me directly, via either the email address listed to the right of this post, or use the contact me button on the webstore. I simply have had to many orders to update each person individually right now.

If you need an update, please do email me and I will get back to you, usually within the hour.

I also have the final sets from this design ready to be pulled. In total there are 9 full sets remaining and a hand full of random parts for conversions if people choose. The molds themselves are at the end. While they can still make a few more casts, the quality wouldn't be to the standard I would want to sell to the public. If demand is high enough I will remake the molds one final time, but as I said, only if the demand warrants it.

Daniel - TSS

Sunday, April 29, 2012

More shipping and Resin updates!

 (for some odd reason, I love this picture)

I think I am getting the glitches worked out in the system so that when your order is shipped, its an automatic email instead of the current method that seems to work randomly at best. In the mean time, if anyone has not gotten your order, or a notification that it was shipped, feel free to email me for an update.

Please be aware that current time from order place until order shipped is 7 days on average and sometimes as many as 10. If you placed an order before that time frame has passed, it most likely means your order has not be cast yet.

Onto resin updates and the resuming of casting. The order was to arrive yesterday but didn't Its new scheduled delivery is for tomorrow. All orders placed in the last 12 or so days will be fully cast by the end of the week.

The TS7-A "Robot" will be complete and ready for casting by next friday. I am going to wait until then to do a mass release of the pictures of it (and there will be many) as I will be limiting the entire release of them to 25 kits. That's right, only 25, 8 inch tall "Robots" that will work very well as a certain hard to find kit(s).

The true scale kits are nearing the last few. I know it has been said before, but to make a long story short, there are 2 full kits left and a hand full of torso/leg combo kits left. I do not plan to remake the molds unless demand was high enough. Frankly, they are tough on molds as they are not as "plain" as they appear in some pictures.

More updates soon.

Friday, April 27, 2012

40k True Scale - Tired of wondering how big they are?

This all started over several forums where people keep claiming marines are 7 feet tall and how terminator armor is only slightly bigger.

It all boils down to, when people use plastic terminators to convert into true scale power armor marines, they then need to upscale the terminators. Ive been told by a few mine are to big. Well, here is more then enough GW picture evidence to prove otherwise.

Most Recent Art showing scale.(not even 3 years old at most)

Then this, from about 5 years ago.

And finally the picture (from the early 90's when GW models were tiny) that people fail to see, that was drawn when marines were tiny. 15 years of size expansion shows a lot. Look at the most recent art above. That power armor marine is at least 8-9 feet. And he isnt even in heavy armor.

Read the new fluff people, and not just BL stuff.

Also down to the last kits for them. So if you want them, act now.  

If by chance there are enough requests worth making another mold for a few more sets, email me direct. If we get enough people together, ill go ahead and do it. I however would need at least a handful of people to make it worth considering.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shipping Updates and Resin Orders

The demand has actually out weighed over 2 gallons of resin. I have ordered more and it should be arriving this week. All remaining orders will need this batch of resin as the jugs are literally empty. I simply did not expect such a high demand in such a short time frame.

There is a plus side.

All orders that are delayed until the weekend when the resin arrives, will receive a free sample from the next, and as of yet, un-announced kit. (more news on that in a future post)

If anyone has any direct questions regarding their order, future orders or just want to shoot the breeze, I can always be reached via email, located to the right of this post (or the top right of the website once this post moves down)

Monday, April 23, 2012

True Scale Space Crusader Heavy Armor 5 man Upgrade Kit as it Ships

Ive been meaning to take this picture and post it for awhile now but the demand has been so high, all my time has gone into casting and my actual day job.

Without further adu, I preset the True Scale Heavy Armor upgrade kit as it looks when shipping.

 (no flash)

 (with flash)

Tomorrow ill post picture of the shoulder pads but since they can be seen below, painted by a customer, it seemed redundant.

In total there are less then 8 full kits and a hand full of partial kits such as just the legs and torso. If you want a chance at these, now is the time to act before they are OOP for good. They can be found in the TSS store, here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First pictures in of a painted True Scale Heavy Armor upgrade!

*The demand for these has been high and with that, the molds are nearing the end of their life. I realistically see them only making a few more sets. There are no plans to remake the molds.*

I just got in the first pictures of a complete upgrade set. It was painted by one of the first customers and I'm happy he chose to share it with me. It is using other companies arms and head but is using the TSS torso, legs and shoulder pads. He said it was for his pre-heresy Iron Warriors army.


I just got in this additional picture showing him with some models for scale. Please keep in mind those models are in full motion poses thus lowering the height as well as being on blank bases, even lowering the height further. Maybe not the best picture for scale but it should help.

Now lets see everyone elses! Id really like to set up a gallery of various peoples uses for the set.

Back to work on the TS7-A robot!

Friday, April 13, 2012

True Scale Space Crusader Heavy Armor has beun shipping!

That's right! For those that made the pre order, the kits have begun shipping! I will be 100% caught up on every single pre order by the end of this weekend. Anyone who has placed an order since the release date earlier this week will have their kits sent out starting Monday once the pre sales are shipped.

The True Scale Crusader Heavy Armor can be found for sale here.

The track units have also begun shipping for the pre orders as well. Regular sales for it are on hold until this coming Tuesday as the true scale kits have taken priority.

Ive gone ahead and included a picture to show the assembled True Scale kits as well as the scale compared to a heroic 28mm model. Also pictured are parts that can be used with the kit.

The True Scale Crusader Heavy Armor can be found for sale here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

TS7-A Crusader Robot Shoulder Pad Design Discussion

I've come back to the TS7 and decided before release, to change the shoulder pad design. I know it will be hard to give opinions without seeing it on the Robot itself but I'm hoping with the size clearly shown, and your trust that the overall shape will fit the design, we can deck this pad out to its maximum potential.

To that end, I'm asking for peoples feedback, design ideas/changes or anything in between on this large scale Robot shoulder pad. I just feel the pad right now is missing something. I do plan to add hanging connected cables from under the pad but the way I'm casting it, ill need to have that as a separate bit people can chose to add on when building the kit itself.

                                                    (gaps need filling but I generally do that last.)

Good? Bad? Ugly? I'm open to it all! Well, don't be to mean on me..

TS4-A Masters in prep for release today.

Also in prep for the actual TS4-A release/start of shipping date today, here are the master TS4-A parts before spruing and casting. Ive been so focused on getting the molds done on time, and design for future items I've been neglecting getting pictures up. I also will have painted display models up on the store in the next week or 2. Ive had samples sent out to a few leading painters from the web.

Over the next few weeks I will be releasing 'sister' units as well as alternate heads, torsos and arms so that people can make unique squads.

The kit comes with:
2x Tracks
1x Lower Track Body
1x Optional Front Armor Plate
1x True Scale Heavy Armor Torso
1x Helmeted Head
2x Shoulder Pads
1x Power Ram
1x Power Claw

You can now find it on sale in the TSS store.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Space Helmets and Re-Breather Backpacks Complete and now for sale!

I have the human sized space helmets and re-breather backpacks completed and now up for sale in the TSS store, here.

The pictures are a tad rough as the camera was being strange but they  are very crisp and finely detailed parts. I personally already have plans to flesh out a platoon with these for Zone Mortalis!

Daniel - TSS

Monday, March 26, 2012

TSS Project Updates

Edit 9:13AM - The Track Bitz are sprued up now up for sale. It can be found in the TSS store, here.

 *Model for scale only.
Updates on everything else and upcoming projects:

True Scale Space Crusader Heavy Armor - I have come up with a few torso designs that I plan to implement shortly in preparation for the April Release. I'm also considering offering at least 1 other Shoulder Pad design if demand is there. Overall interest has been very high in this upgrade kit and as such has officially a "First come, first serve" policy. I will however offer as many as I can.

Track Kit - Now known as the TS4-A, is done. I will have final master photo shots up shortly in preparation for casting. It will be on sale by the end of the month. Demand is also pretty high on this but not as high as the True Scale kit, at least not yet! I have a few special treats in the works for this!

The newest project - Human sized tech space helmets and re breather backpacks. Pictures of that in progress work is below.

As you can see if fits a variety of sizes and, as I've been told, would be a good stand in for some Triarchs. 

Any and all feedback is much appreciated! And just to add some incentive, any design changes that are recommended that I make, will earn that person a 5 dollars promo card for use in the TSS store. 

*thumbs up!*

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Second TSS Project: Track Unit Master Parts Update: Nearing Production

Just a small update on the track unit now officially part of an up coming line of something we like to call "Mech-Gryns". They are a modern version of the old AD Mech Robots with unique and fresh designs while keeping the general weapon load out the same on the various styles.

Please keep in mind final gap filling works needs to be done and not all parts for the kit are pictured. The GW termie torso is for scale only and NOT included.

The kit is fully modular consisting of 11 parts: (and able to clearly fit many GW parts from torsos from almost all GW ranges and armies.)

1 main hull
2 track units
1 front armor plate
1 true scale space crusader torso (detailing to match the track unit)
1 mechanicus style fleshy head
2 cogged tooth shoulder pads (the space crusader heavy armor one)
2 shoulders (for making the arms modular)
2 arms (the ram seen and a servo arm/lifter claw)

It can be used in a number of armies and games, which is always a plus.

As for the True Scale Space Crusader Upgrade Kit: 

I plan to have 3-5 five man upgrade sets ready by next Friday. I will also take a limited number of orders starting the same day for sets that i will cast on demand. I do plan to offer as many purchase options as possible from a single part, to the full upgrade kit.

The same will go for the track unit that I will have pictures of posted tomorrow showing the final detail work as its finished. Ive begun work on "mech-gryns" basically just RT robots brought back with a fresh build and made to fit on 40mm bases to count as ad mech "ogryns" since so many ad mech players use the guard dex. I do admit Ive had a soft spot for robots.

Parts in the works are weapons to fit both the mech gryns and the true scale kits as well as more variety with the shoulder pads. The true scale kit is still made to easily fit GW arms, pads and heads for those that do want GW parts on board.

I'm also very open to ideas for future projects and things that can fill gaps other companies haven't produced. Please keep in mind I don't want to push GW IP so I'm stick with as much stuff as I know they will not make, especially after the CHS fiasco.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Second TSS Project: Track Unit Master Parts Update

More updates on the track unit as I wait the final few days until the master parts for the true scale space crusaders come in.

Gap filling and detail work such as GS tubes still are needed on a few things but overall, I think the pictures give a good idea as to where this project stands.

Any and all feedback is always welcome!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Additional parts in the works: Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Track Units and more!

Just a small preview of the Helmeted head and Shoulder Pad design for the True Scale Space Crusader in Heavy Armor upgrade kit. Both have yet to have rivets added or any major detailing.

You can also see the start of the first hydraulic ram arm for the future pre rebellion obliterators as well as the start of a track unit that will be made to fit a variety of models at the waist. It is designed to fit on a 40mm base.

Any feedback, good or bad is much appreciated in making the future TSS line all the more awesome!



Thursday, March 1, 2012

True Scale Space Crusader Heavy Armor

These are now for sale in the Three Stage Studio store, here.

I have been working on a project for my local gaming group for awhile now and thought it was time to share it here to get some feed back on it and future projects.

The most popular armies around here currently are 'True Scale' Pre Heresy Space Marine armies. What they all have seemed to lack is Terminators that actually match the size change with the marines in power armor. There is always talk of using chaos Obliterator models as a base but removing all the chaos detail and reposing them is a serious chore, not to mention the cost of it would be through the roof as they aren't a cheap model to begin with. Thus this project was born.

I bring you, true scale Space Crusaders in Heavy Armor. I do realize its hard to tell the size of the parts but let me just say, standing straight up, the model is taller to a normal plastic terminator as the plastic terminator is to a marine. Here is a very early mock up pose to get an idea of size.

I have since finished the master parts and had them sent to a caster. I will get back the parts to make 5 differently posed legs and 5 uniquely detailed torsos. Those will then be put on master sprues and cast in sets o 5. They are designed to fit GW/FW terminator arms, shoulder pads and heads. They fit perfectly on a 40mm base with no overhang so they are just on the right size for 'true scale' based on the various novels that talk about terminator armor.

I'm looking for any and all feedback as the parts will be back to me shortly for the final posing and changing of details to make all 5 unique.

This is just the start of casting projects I have in the works so please do share what you think, good or bad!