Saturday, March 17, 2012

Second TSS Project: Track Unit Master Parts Update: Nearing Production

Just a small update on the track unit now officially part of an up coming line of something we like to call "Mech-Gryns". They are a modern version of the old AD Mech Robots with unique and fresh designs while keeping the general weapon load out the same on the various styles.

Please keep in mind final gap filling works needs to be done and not all parts for the kit are pictured. The GW termie torso is for scale only and NOT included.

The kit is fully modular consisting of 11 parts: (and able to clearly fit many GW parts from torsos from almost all GW ranges and armies.)

1 main hull
2 track units
1 front armor plate
1 true scale space crusader torso (detailing to match the track unit)
1 mechanicus style fleshy head
2 cogged tooth shoulder pads (the space crusader heavy armor one)
2 shoulders (for making the arms modular)
2 arms (the ram seen and a servo arm/lifter claw)

It can be used in a number of armies and games, which is always a plus.

As for the True Scale Space Crusader Upgrade Kit: 

I plan to have 3-5 five man upgrade sets ready by next Friday. I will also take a limited number of orders starting the same day for sets that i will cast on demand. I do plan to offer as many purchase options as possible from a single part, to the full upgrade kit.

The same will go for the track unit that I will have pictures of posted tomorrow showing the final detail work as its finished. Ive begun work on "mech-gryns" basically just RT robots brought back with a fresh build and made to fit on 40mm bases to count as ad mech "ogryns" since so many ad mech players use the guard dex. I do admit Ive had a soft spot for robots.

Parts in the works are weapons to fit both the mech gryns and the true scale kits as well as more variety with the shoulder pads. The true scale kit is still made to easily fit GW arms, pads and heads for those that do want GW parts on board.

I'm also very open to ideas for future projects and things that can fill gaps other companies haven't produced. Please keep in mind I don't want to push GW IP so I'm stick with as much stuff as I know they will not make, especially after the CHS fiasco.


  1. watching these develop with great interest! Ive also always had a soft spot for robots & would enjoy making some true scale terminators.. will these be available to purchase, & if so, how/where?

    1. @ max - Thanks for the support! Its one of the best motivators around!

      All the projects featured here so far and all the ones into the future will be for sale. I will be setting up a amazon/google/paypal shopping cart either directly on this site, or on the TSS sister site that will be started soon.

      The first few batchs of True Scale Heavy Armor and Track units will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Im considering setting up a mailing list type thing where I would give people options to buy stuff based on the order they sign up. Its still all up in the air right now. The only thing that is set in stone is, yep, everything will be for sale.

    2. excellent! put me down for a set of 3 please!

  2. Curious as to how much you are planning to sell these for?

    1. $10-$12 dollars (US) per single full kit with all the parts needed. $25 or so for a squad of 3. I will have the exact cost once I cast a few up to see the needed amount of resin per kit.

    2. Sounds like a fair deal.

      Thought about making a regular (not)space marine kit too? Chapterhouse just released an okay set, though I'm sure you could do better.

  3. I like your Praetorian Ogryns as well. I have some similar models from Micro Art Studio, and wondered whether yours would be comparable/competitive in terms of size and price?

    1. I actually haven't seen the ones your referring to. Do you happen to have a link?

    2. Ah ok, I found what your talking about. Mine will fit the same foot print as that one on a 40mm base but is a big bulkier as the "pilot" is wearing modified true scale termie armor. Price wise its basically the same, mine maybe a tad cheaper.

      I may or may not make a less armored pilot for it.

  4. These are looking great, know there might be limited supply versus demand.

    Highly tempted to a large force of these and would be very interested in about 35. Would this be do-able?

    1. There already is a pretty high demand for them but im sure we can work something out. Shoot me an email when you have time and we can discuss it further!