Thursday, March 1, 2012

True Scale Space Crusader Heavy Armor

These are now for sale in the Three Stage Studio store, here.

I have been working on a project for my local gaming group for awhile now and thought it was time to share it here to get some feed back on it and future projects.

The most popular armies around here currently are 'True Scale' Pre Heresy Space Marine armies. What they all have seemed to lack is Terminators that actually match the size change with the marines in power armor. There is always talk of using chaos Obliterator models as a base but removing all the chaos detail and reposing them is a serious chore, not to mention the cost of it would be through the roof as they aren't a cheap model to begin with. Thus this project was born.

I bring you, true scale Space Crusaders in Heavy Armor. I do realize its hard to tell the size of the parts but let me just say, standing straight up, the model is taller to a normal plastic terminator as the plastic terminator is to a marine. Here is a very early mock up pose to get an idea of size.

I have since finished the master parts and had them sent to a caster. I will get back the parts to make 5 differently posed legs and 5 uniquely detailed torsos. Those will then be put on master sprues and cast in sets o 5. They are designed to fit GW/FW terminator arms, shoulder pads and heads. They fit perfectly on a 40mm base with no overhang so they are just on the right size for 'true scale' based on the various novels that talk about terminator armor.

I'm looking for any and all feedback as the parts will be back to me shortly for the final posing and changing of details to make all 5 unique.

This is just the start of casting projects I have in the works so please do share what you think, good or bad!



  1. Looking excellent bud !!!

    Can you post a pic of a mocked-up TS (using your bits), vs a normal marine?



  2. What Col. Shofer said, also you mention using GW termie arms... Wouldn't they look small against this seeing as you've scaled up the rest of the armour proportions?

  3. @ Colonel Shofer -Thanks CS! I will get a good scale shot once the master parts come back early next week. In the mean time ill see if I can find the really bad scale shot I did take early on in detailing.

    @ Deadestdai - It actually makes the arms the proper scale. GW minis, and heroic scale always make the arms and head bigger then they should be as in that scale, it generally looks better on the eyes.

    @ CmdrLaw - Not just yet, but I will be happy to once you see the final work.