Monday, March 26, 2012

TSS Project Updates

Edit 9:13AM - The Track Bitz are sprued up now up for sale. It can be found in the TSS store, here.

 *Model for scale only.
Updates on everything else and upcoming projects:

True Scale Space Crusader Heavy Armor - I have come up with a few torso designs that I plan to implement shortly in preparation for the April Release. I'm also considering offering at least 1 other Shoulder Pad design if demand is there. Overall interest has been very high in this upgrade kit and as such has officially a "First come, first serve" policy. I will however offer as many as I can.

Track Kit - Now known as the TS4-A, is done. I will have final master photo shots up shortly in preparation for casting. It will be on sale by the end of the month. Demand is also pretty high on this but not as high as the True Scale kit, at least not yet! I have a few special treats in the works for this!

The newest project - Human sized tech space helmets and re breather backpacks. Pictures of that in progress work is below.

As you can see if fits a variety of sizes and, as I've been told, would be a good stand in for some Triarchs. 

Any and all feedback is much appreciated! And just to add some incentive, any design changes that are recommended that I make, will earn that person a 5 dollars promo card for use in the TSS store. 

*thumbs up!*

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