Friday, April 27, 2012

40k True Scale - Tired of wondering how big they are?

This all started over several forums where people keep claiming marines are 7 feet tall and how terminator armor is only slightly bigger.

It all boils down to, when people use plastic terminators to convert into true scale power armor marines, they then need to upscale the terminators. Ive been told by a few mine are to big. Well, here is more then enough GW picture evidence to prove otherwise.

Most Recent Art showing scale.(not even 3 years old at most)

Then this, from about 5 years ago.

And finally the picture (from the early 90's when GW models were tiny) that people fail to see, that was drawn when marines were tiny. 15 years of size expansion shows a lot. Look at the most recent art above. That power armor marine is at least 8-9 feet. And he isnt even in heavy armor.

Read the new fluff people, and not just BL stuff.

Also down to the last kits for them. So if you want them, act now.  

If by chance there are enough requests worth making another mold for a few more sets, email me direct. If we get enough people together, ill go ahead and do it. I however would need at least a handful of people to make it worth considering.


  1. While I freely admit - no offense intended - that I am not a fan of your design (not that right now I could do any better), you are right on the money when it comes to Space Marines and their size. Even right now, it is evident that future exoskeletons will be bulky, especially when equipped with external armor plates. With individual Marines being the size of basketball players on steroids, and their armor covered with inches of plate and filled with all sorts of arcane subsystems, the final amalgamation of man and machine has to be way bigger than a normal human.

  2. the black crusade rulebook (under character creation) explicitly states that a space marine is 2.1 meters tall.

  3. People freaked out when I mentioned a 9ft tall kroot. I had to cite my sources that kroot were the size of space marines, and that space marines were about 9 feet tall.

    I mean if you look at the current models side by side, kroot are still taller, so more like 12 feet tall. Just cause they are lanky, people don't realize how big they actually are.

  4. @ Marcin Ciszewicz - Best constructive advice ever and better explained then I ever could have.

    @ SnaleKing - I am not aware of that, but thats also maybe talking about a neophyte or what they are right after becoming a true marine/or still scout. I just know that there are several people in my area alone that are 2,1 meters and while yes, its tall, it doesnt inspire fear as marines do in every single story. I will check out the book though :)

    @ TheGraveMind - That was always my understanding on Kroot size as well.

  5. Anyone notice that the scale markers next to the marine that Jes drew and is sitting in front of starts at 2' rather than 1'?

    Which would make it 7' tall and not 8'. Which seems far more likely.

    1. Absolutely correct Machine God, as Jes will take great pains to point out to anyone who mentions it.

      Having said that, of course, artist renditions of Space Marines (both in image and text) have been exceeding 7' for quite some time.