Monday, April 2, 2012

TS7-A Crusader Robot Shoulder Pad Design Discussion

I've come back to the TS7 and decided before release, to change the shoulder pad design. I know it will be hard to give opinions without seeing it on the Robot itself but I'm hoping with the size clearly shown, and your trust that the overall shape will fit the design, we can deck this pad out to its maximum potential.

To that end, I'm asking for peoples feedback, design ideas/changes or anything in between on this large scale Robot shoulder pad. I just feel the pad right now is missing something. I do plan to add hanging connected cables from under the pad but the way I'm casting it, ill need to have that as a separate bit people can chose to add on when building the kit itself.

                                                    (gaps need filling but I generally do that last.)

Good? Bad? Ugly? I'm open to it all! Well, don't be to mean on me..

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