Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shipping Updates and Resin Orders

The demand has actually out weighed over 2 gallons of resin. I have ordered more and it should be arriving this week. All remaining orders will need this batch of resin as the jugs are literally empty. I simply did not expect such a high demand in such a short time frame.

There is a plus side.

All orders that are delayed until the weekend when the resin arrives, will receive a free sample from the next, and as of yet, un-announced kit. (more news on that in a future post)

If anyone has any direct questions regarding their order, future orders or just want to shoot the breeze, I can always be reached via email, located to the right of this post (or the top right of the website once this post moves down)

1 comment:

  1. Its Munkey from APOC40K.... Thought Id stop by ans see your stuff. I noticed you mentioned no intent to remake your molds and they are wearing out. Is it too late to pick up a set??