Sunday, April 29, 2012

More shipping and Resin updates!

 (for some odd reason, I love this picture)

I think I am getting the glitches worked out in the system so that when your order is shipped, its an automatic email instead of the current method that seems to work randomly at best. In the mean time, if anyone has not gotten your order, or a notification that it was shipped, feel free to email me for an update.

Please be aware that current time from order place until order shipped is 7 days on average and sometimes as many as 10. If you placed an order before that time frame has passed, it most likely means your order has not be cast yet.

Onto resin updates and the resuming of casting. The order was to arrive yesterday but didn't Its new scheduled delivery is for tomorrow. All orders placed in the last 12 or so days will be fully cast by the end of the week.

The TS7-A "Robot" will be complete and ready for casting by next friday. I am going to wait until then to do a mass release of the pictures of it (and there will be many) as I will be limiting the entire release of them to 25 kits. That's right, only 25, 8 inch tall "Robots" that will work very well as a certain hard to find kit(s).

The true scale kits are nearing the last few. I know it has been said before, but to make a long story short, there are 2 full kits left and a hand full of torso/leg combo kits left. I do not plan to remake the molds unless demand was high enough. Frankly, they are tough on molds as they are not as "plain" as they appear in some pictures.

More updates soon.

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