Monday, April 2, 2012

TS4-A Masters in prep for release today.

Also in prep for the actual TS4-A release/start of shipping date today, here are the master TS4-A parts before spruing and casting. Ive been so focused on getting the molds done on time, and design for future items I've been neglecting getting pictures up. I also will have painted display models up on the store in the next week or 2. Ive had samples sent out to a few leading painters from the web.

Over the next few weeks I will be releasing 'sister' units as well as alternate heads, torsos and arms so that people can make unique squads.

The kit comes with:
2x Tracks
1x Lower Track Body
1x Optional Front Armor Plate
1x True Scale Heavy Armor Torso
1x Helmeted Head
2x Shoulder Pads
1x Power Ram
1x Power Claw

You can now find it on sale in the TSS store.

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